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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                   67

How much nobler would it have been had he put
party feelings in his pocket and gone himself to
a fete given to celebrate the recovery of a parent!

London, May $th.

A great gala was given last week by Brookes'
Club to a crowd of everything fashionable and
handsome In London. The opera-house was too
small for the company. The boxes were hung
with blue, buff and silver. The floor extremely
dirty, but the coup-d'ceil fine. People of both sides
of the question were there. After waiting two
hours, without music or anything going on, Mrs.
Siddons, ridiculously dressed as Britannia in red
and blue, with a green helmet, shield and lance,
declaimed a pitiful ode on the occasion, addressed
to the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York,
who stood before her in coats of mail. Lord
Townshend, on being asked what he thought of
the Prince's rich suit, said, "it was probably the
coat belonging to his father's strait-waistcoat."

The Prince gives a fete to the "Je ne sais quoi"
club; Boodle's another, and Luzerne another. The
f&tes of the latter are sumptuous and worthy of the